I love drinking the Strength & Discipline Vegan Bone Broth in the morning . It is delicious and I look forward to it. My coffee in the am has decreased to half. I feel I am more productive and efficient during the day. The tea is very warming, satisfying and fulfilling. It acts as a meal replacement.
— Jaquelene
I really enjoyed the tea, the taste is subtle and works with any milk that I used - soy, almond and coconut. I have prepared the tea hot and cold - both tasted really good. I have experienced increase in flexibility, however it takes time to kick in, please be consistent and have your tea for at least two weeks to have this result. I am excited to experiment with this tea further and pair it up with cinnamon and nutmeg and vegan egg nog in the coming cold months.
— Larisa
Nikki Lee www.nikkileeyoga.com Photo by Ray Tamarra

Nikki Lee www.nikkileeyoga.com Photo by Ray Tamarra

"I began FLOW&FLEXIBILITY TEA POWDER to detox my body and find a more balanced mental state.  This cleanse not only helped me to feel lighter, but also appeared to influence my energy levels. Mid-afternoon usually is a time that I find my body and mind beginning enters into a state of fatigue; however, during this detox I was surprised to discover that my normal afternoon slump, did not occur.

Additionally, my digestive tract felt as though it was functioning at the best of it’s ability.  I regularly suffer from digestive issues as I have a sensitive stomach, but while taking cleanse and release I felt as though everything was moving smoothly. Practicing yoga and meditation came easily while detoxing because I felt more at ease energetically. My mind found balance due to the ideal functioning of my physical body.

On the final day of this detox, I had undergone a great deal of stress due to work related issues, but found that I had the ability to reflect through a much clearer lens. FLOW&FLEXIBILITY helped me to remain alert in order to process stress and remain grounded.

I especially looked forward to the warm tea supplement as a replacement for regular coffee! The positive effects this detox had on my mind and body were profound.  I highly recommend this product and look forward to introducing this detox to my regular health routine."
—Nikki Lee nikkileeyoga.com