• Freshly boiled Herbs are more potent than extracts and pills. 
  • Unlike processed pills and extracts, our formulas contain ZERO fillers or preservatives.
  • We made the ritual of preparing these herbs as convenient as possible while still allowing it to be authentic and potent.  
  • Boiling herbs allows the sense of smell to be activated, engaging an ancient part of the brain that may hold the key to real healing.
  • Tasting the herbs allows them to inform the body’s full intelligence.  The digestive tract and gut is really a second brain - that begins in the mouth.  Salivary enzymes are vital to digestion and absorption of most nutrients.  You will notice that each time you drink the teas, you body will react more quickly to the tea.
  • The convenient powdered herb blend allows you to consume the whole herb.  
  • We combine potent plants and mushrooms with modern natural amino acids and mineral compounds to increase potency and accuracy of our formulas.




Makes a great low-calorie snack, alternative to caffeine, curbs appetite, energizes without caffeine.

Powerful herbal formula includes:

  • Rehmannia:   Rehmannia is a sweet tasting and potent tonic that strengthens bones, builds blood, and tones the lungs to build the deep reserves of energy and stamina.  Scientific research shows that it may improve blood oxygen levels and assist treatment of anemia.
  • Maca:  Another potent tonic that has a more yang quality and pungent flavor.  Maca elevates mood and builds energy, blood, endurance, memory, bones, libido and can assist in hormonal deficiencies.  
  • Shitake: An edible mushroom that boosts the immune system and protects from the effects of aging. 
  • L-Proline: An amino acid precursor for collagen production in the body. L-Proline helps to build collagen, strengthening the skin, blood vessels and connective tissue.
  • L-Lysine: An amino acid that, when combined with L-Proline helps stimulate collagen production in the body.
  • Celery: An amazing medicinal plant that has been hiding in your salad.  Celery is naturally rich in minerals, can lower blood pressure, relax muscle, decrease pain in joints, assist digestion, regulate the bowels, relieve headaches and menstrual discomfort.
  • Shallot:  A potent anti-inflammatory that fights infections, boosts heart health and heals the stomach.
  • Ginger:  A pungent digestive aid that tones the stomach, relieves nausea, joint pain and inflammation, menstrual pain, colds, and hangovers. 
  • Black pepper: A spicy herb seed that aids digestion and fights infection.
  • Rose Hips :  Rich in Vitamin C, these edible flowers are used for treating and preventing infections, relieving stomach disorders and reducing joint inflammation, pain and stiffness.
  • Nutritional Yeast : Not to be confused with the other yeast, this form is rich in B vitamins and protein, a natural low sodium savory alternative.  




Powerful herbal formula includes:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi): Known as “the Herb of Immortality", this mushroom protects the heart, improves endurance and strength with being a stimulant, calms the mind, improves sleep and mood without making drowsy, lowers blood pressure.  Scientific research is being conducted to investigate its use in treatment of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and infectious disease.
  • Bupleurum: Bupleurum root is a potent herb used to assist with the proper movement of Qi (Energy) throughout the body for over 2,000 years. In this formula, we use it to improve emotional flow and balance.
  • Raw Vanilla planifolia: A beautiful and fragrant orchid used medicinally as a digestive aid, fever reducer, and to promote feelings of love and joy. Vanilla naturally contains vanillin molecule, the pre-cursor of dopamine which is known to reduce cravings, hypertension and nervous disorders.
  • Caryophyllus aromaticus (Clove): This warming herb is used as an aphrodisiac and to relieve pain, elevates mood, and promote feelings of spirituality and love.
  • Ceratonia siliqua (Carob) : A delicious tree pod that is naturally sweet and high in calcium to calm the mind and nourish the nerves. Carob soothes digestion and protects heart.
  • Magnesium Glycinate: Magnesium glycinate is being used to treat anxiety, depression, addiction and other mind related modern syndromes.  Magnesium glycinate is a highly bioavailable and absorbable form of magnesium, and also the least likely to cause side effects. It is the safest form of magnesium for long-term use.




Powerful herbal formula includes:

  • Bupleurum root : Bupleurum root is a potent herb used to assist with the proper movement of Qi (Energy) throughout the body for over 2,000 years.  It is helpful in treatment of irritability, stress-related digestive disorders, menstrual disorders and PMS.  Bupleurum deepens breathing by addressing chest and diaphragmatic constrictions,   Bupleurum is said to disperse Qi and clear heat from the liver network.   It is bright yellow with a bitter flavor.   Modern science is investigating the effects of Bupleurum on liver enzymes, mood, blood lipids, cancer and immunity. 
  • Angelica sinesis Root: One of the most commonly prescribed herbs for blood and hormonal imbalances for men and women. This herb helps balance the cleansing effects of Bupleurum. 
  • Poria cocos Fungi: This soothing white mushroom is used to treat anxiety, nervousness and problems with fluid retention.
  • Nutmeg seed :  This delightful herb is proven scientifically to be as effective for depression as prescribed drugs. It is a natural brain tonic that eliminates fatigue and stress, and improves mood.  (Moinuddin G,  Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 2012, 72-78)
  • Beet Root:  A bright red root rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, Vitamin A. It is used in the treatment of liver disease, to lower blood triglyercides, to lower blood pressure, to protect the heart, and to help reduce tumor size in some cancers.  Betaine, plentiful in beets, helps elevate mood, enhance athletic performance and encourage weightloss.