Our botanical tea powders

Over years of studying and drinking Chinese herbal formulas, we were often put off by the bitter and frequently unpleasant taste and odor. With respect for the healing potential of Chinese herbs, we recognized that there might be a place for teas inspired by traditional formulas -- but reinvented to enhance their sensory qualities.

Bhairava Teas are whole herbs in tea powder form, easily prepared by adding boiling water. This allows the sense of smell to be activated, engaging a fundamental part of the brain that may participate in deep healing. The digestive tract and gut are now recognized by science as the “second brain” that begins in the mouth. Salivary enzymes are vital to digestion and absorption of most nutrients. Actually tasting whole herbs as opposed to taking them in pill or extract form allows the body’s full intelligence to be engaged.

Our tea powders are best when sipped and enjoyed as part of a daily ritual, fortifying and nourishing on all levels. Formulated to support body, mind and spirit, Bhairava Botanical Tea Powders blend herbal tonics with high-quality nutritional supplements, promoting full-spectrum wellness. We source ingredients with great care, favoring organic and wild-harvested botanicals whenever possible, and insure quality by creating our teas in small batches.

Beyond physical nourishment, our teas stimulate the senses – sip, enjoy, and feel uplifted!

Check our 'Recipes' link to discover a variety of delicious ways to enjoy Bhairava Teas.